Bruce Eastwood-------Hazel Rice Eastwood



                   |                                                                                                                                     |

Elinor Eastwood Desjardins---|                                                                   .          |---Carol Eastwood McNeil

                                               |----|                                                                 |----|

             Emile S. Desjardins---|     |-------                                                        |      |--- William A. McNeil,Jr

                                                               |                                                       |

                                           __________|                                   __________|

                                           |                                                       |

     Marlene Desjardins------|--Peter J. Desjardins                      |--Margaret McNeil Flynn

                                       |   |--Lyn Desjardins Nolet                    |--Donna McNeil Brennan

                                       |   |--Paul D. Desjardins                        |                | --------------|

                                       |   |--Anthony B. Desjardins                 |  Michael J. Brennan     |      

                                       |                                                            |--Karen McNeil Smith    |

                                       |                                                            |--William A. McNeil,III  |

                                       |                                                                                                  |

    _________________|_____________________                                      ___________|__________

     |                                   |                                     |                                      |                                         |

   Pete                          Shawn                           Crystal                              Rick                                     Brian Desjardins                 Desjardins                      Desjardins                       Brennan                               Brennan



                                        You both live in Fairfax, VA







2007-09-17Ti4:26:04.433 Microsoft Corporation P59D false 2007-10-05T02:23:24 2008-09-17T14:23:24.777 true {{refimprove|date=March 2014}} {{Infobox Musical |name= Fancy Nancy the Musical |subtitle= |image= |caption= |music= [[Danny Abosch]] |lyrics= [[Susan DiLallo]] and [[Danny Abosch]] |book= [[Susan DiLallo]] |basis= Based on the [[Fancy Nancy]] books by Jane O'Connor and [[Robin Preiss Glasser]] |productions= 2012 [[Off-Broadway]] |awards= }} '''''Fancy Nancy the Musical''''' is a [[musical theatre|musical]] with a book and lyrics by [[Susan DiLallo]], and music and lyrics by [[Danny Abosch]]. It is based on the popular [[Fancy Nancy]] book series by Jane O'Connor, illustrated by [[Robin Preiss Glasser]]. ==Productions== Vital Theatre Company commissioned and produced Fancy Nancy the Musical Off-Broadway in 2012. The production opened on September 29, 2012 at the [[McGinn/Cazale Theater]], starring Aly Bloom as Nancy and [[Darilyn Castillo]] as Bree. The production was a critical and commercial success, receiving positive reviews from [[The New York Times]] and other sources.{{cite news|author=Laurel Graeber |url= |title=Spare Times for Children for Oct. 12-18: Fancy Nancy |work=[[The New York Times]] |date=October 11, 2012 }} The musical is currently{{when|date=March 2014}} playing in New York City and on tour. ==Plot synopsis== {{expand section|date=March 2014}} ==Original Cast== *Nancy- Aly Bloom *Bree - Darilyn Castillo *Wanda - Jes Dugger *Lionel - Kyle Motsinger *Mom - Amanda Savan ==Song list== {{col-begin}} {{col-2}} * Overture * Anyone Can Be Fancy * What I'll Be * I'm A Tree * You'll Always Feel Much Better After Tea * On My Team * Something Terrible * You'll Always Be My Star * The Deep Sea Dances Ballet * A Fancier Place {{col-end}} ==Recording== The Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording was released on [[Ghostlight Records]]. ==Awards and nominations== * 2013 “CD Of The Year Award” from Creative Child Magazine‘s 2013 Creative Child Awards Program * “Gold Award” from Family Review Center[ Reviews], * “Seal of Approval” from Family Review Center * “Editor's Choice” from Family Review Center * 2013 “Silver Winner” from National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) == References == {{Reflist}} ==External links== * {{Official website|}} [[Category:Musicals]]