You will need:

* 2 16 oz. bottles light Karo® corn 

* 20 whole allspice

* 20 whole cloves 

* 2 cinnamon sticks

* 1 large bottle Myers® dark rum

* butter(optional)

Step 1: Prepare initial base

1. Empty the Karo® corn syrup into a large         pot 

2. Fill the empty bottles with hot water, as         hot as you can get it out of the tap,
    you want to make sure it's hot enough to       melt all remaining syrup from the
    inside surface of the bottle.      

3. Shake well and empty into pot with 

Step 2: Steep the spices

1. Add cloves, allspice, cinnamon sticks to         hot water/corn syrup base

2. Heat to boiling

3. Turn off heat and place lid on pot, let sit          for several hours(at least 3)

(it's best to repeat this until the cinnamon       sticks unroll)

4. Strain, discard spent spices

Step 3: Make toddies and serve!

1. Into 12 oz. glass mugs, fill one quarter to one third of the way with rum

2. Make sure base is good hot beverage 
temperature(like tea or coffee)

3. Fill mugs the rest of the way

4. One or two pats of butter on top

(optional, of course, but in my opinion it
  wouldn't be a toddy without it)