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This old buddy of mine who is the last remaining one from back in the day...the teen years, is a married man, but has drifted apart from his wife, who he

first started dating back in those years. It used to drive me crazy at the time, where ever I was, whatever I was doing, there he was with her calling out to me. He always wanted me along, and for what?!! To sit in the back seat while they parked and made out while I just sat there like an idiot. Man, I hated being a third wheel! He was from the east side of town, which was the section of Randolph, MA that was made up of transplant families from the inner suburbs of Boston, the current generation of which was hardened by those city streets. And Randolph had always been like small town America. These teen years of ours, the 1970's, that side of town was becoming inundated with those inner city punks whose parents were looking for a more wholesome upbringing for their kids. 

I met Manian in Boy Scouts, Troop 44. We met once a week in a small building in back of the First Congregational Church in Crawford Square, the very center of Randolph. At first I thought he was just a flunkie of this fellow scout by the name of Dale Williams. Manian and this other kid, Rich Gagne used to seemingly join in with Williams in pranking me left and right. 

In the Summer of 1974 we attended Summer camp with the troop, Camp Squanto, a boy scout camp located in Myles Standish State Forest in Southeast Massachusetts, that part of Massachusetts that's east of Rhode Island, but still on the west bank of the Cape Cod canal. Manian and Gagne were there, but Williams didn't attend that year. It was then that I found out that HE wasn't a flunkie of Williams's, but Williams and Gagne were HIS flunkies. All those pranks were him saying to the other two..."Hey, go do this to that kid", and so on.

Well we became friends during those two weeks. He was what we in Randolph referred to as "gear heads". They who were into mini-bikes, aspiring one day to be bikers. Manian's dad owned a parts store in the Roxbury section of Boston. Specializing in not only auto, but boat parts as well.

It was a thriving business until the death of his dad in 2002. With his death went the business. Manian had to find work with other employers. He had been the heir apparent of that business but went from making $60,000 per year to $20,000.

By the time I reconnected with him early in our current century he was still living in the same house with his wife, but he had started having affairs with other women and he and his wife didn't even communicate. He says he had turned to other women because his wife had gone "cold fish" on him. Whenever he wanted to make love she just laid there and said "Just do what you have to". Well he wanted there to be passion. Understandable, but from my own family experience, although I have never mentioned it to him, I think I can understand what his wife's problem was with the lack of passion. The same problem my sister Karen had with her husband Dennis..."Didn't want to grow up", "Didn't want to stop being a teenager, party and get high all the time".

I myself have never had much luck with women. I have always longed for a meaningful relationship and above all...a FAMILY. What can I say? Back in the 1980's, when I was in my marrying prime, it was the decade of the "yuppie". Young women were looking for men with degrees and high paying white collar jobs, not plain blue collar Joes who punched a time card five days a week. Was never able to make a prospective relationship last.

I was the youngest of four children and the only boy. I didn't have siblings of my own gender or close to my age. Just three older sisters who were 14, 12½, and 6 years old at the time of my birth. My friends, when they hear what I have to say about women, say "Ah, you've been raised by women! They've got you brainwashed!". And many women who read this may say I'm just writing what they want to hear. But when I say this I MEAN it. I have seen my sisters over the years give birth to my nieces eand nephews, and their husbands have not seemed to be fully appreciative of them in one way or another. My eldest and only remaining brother-in-law has his mental quirks. Think of the title character from the syndicated tv show "Monk". My brother-in law Bill(who we have always called "Hooka")is just like him. Definitely a sufferer of OSD. My ex brother-in-law Mike was a career Army officer who always expected his spouse to be the perfect little Army wife, and when he retired from the Army he just decided he didn't need her any more. And my late brother-in-law Dennis, well, I've aleady described THAT whole situation.

I feel women do so much for us men. I mean, WE'LL never have to endure the excruciating pain of childbirth. And they are there for them, if most of them will ALLOW it, with a kind and nurturing gentleness. 

Well as far as I'm concerned, when I'm making love with a woman, any self gratification I get is just a fringe benefit. As far as I'm concerned, I'm there to please HER. In any way I can, or any way she wants. I may be in my 60's but there is still fire in the furnace. I've tried Silver Singles and it's just a tease. You get female responses and when you reply it's always the same..."this member has removed her profile and has been removed from your list." I get all these tweets on twitter from beautiful women and they don't even give their locations and when you put forward invitations to communicate by email, they send messages requesting you not to send such invites.

At my age I have given up hope for ever starting a family. But I'm not a bad guy. Must I endure my twilight years alone?Drop me an email.