It's You!!


Potentially viewable all around the world! This is to demonstrate what you can do with the service I told you about, the money making opportunity aside.
Your own unique website to do anything you want with. Say you're having a kick-ass party...take pictures, and build a webpage about it! Or you take a vacation trip somewhere...spring break or a page complete with pictures. Then you can email a link of its URL to friends and family and they can check it out. Easy to use web builder and up to 10 email boxes.
That's what you get for your $10 per month as a paying customer. And as for that money making costs you no extra over that $10 per month to have a promotional site just like the one at the link below complete with an audiographic presentation that explains what you get for your $10 per month and how the payment plan works.
That payment plan is mathematically sound, which means it CAN work and work quickly. You just need to remove the random element. The random element is sending

the link to people you don't know. We all get tons of spam in our email boxes...all kinds of opportunity offers and what do we do? We just delete them without even looking at them. But by getting as many of your friends as you can into it and keeping up with each other on it, you'd be removing that random element. It's the random element that keeps any mathematic equation just a theory. Remove that random element...and it will work. You can't argue with mathematics. So check out the presentaion at the link below and you will also find a link to my email on this page(as well as on the site with the presentation).
Let me know if it's something you'd like to get in on.