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Ideas For a New Age of Enlightenment

So here we are. We are facing the dawn of a new millennium. It's not like the last time, when we were in the Dark Ages. No, this time we have all the tools of technology at our disposal, and have behind us 1,000 years of wars and all the consequences they have scarred mankind with. Now at this new one, we are enlightened...we KNOW all the mistakes that have been made...and with all that behind us we have the technology and the wisdom to better the lives of our descendants.
You can take part in this endeavor. If you have any ideas as to how we can improve life for generations to come, you may post them here by sending them to the email link below. But understand...only serious, rational, and scientificly feaseable ideas will be posted. This is a serious page and any joke ideas will be given all the consideration they're due...none.



We've seen all the science fiction movies...about such space age endeavors as cloning and all the horrors it can bring...and now there's talk of real life advances in the field, like that sheep over in Scotland? Well, unless I'm mistaken, that "clone" of a sheep was created by splitting an already dividing sheep ovum...in effect, causing what occasionally happens by nature anyway, when identical twins are produced.
But to take a cell from a fully developed animal, especially one as complex as a human being, and expect to grow a duplicate living breathing organism from it? Forget it! It's just not possible! How can a blood cell become a bone cell? Or a bone cell a brain cell, and so on?
Oh sure, they claim that changes in cellular molecular structure is brought about by certain genes being "turned on", so to speak, at particular developmental stages...but even if they're right, they've still got decades, maybe centuries, before we aquire the technology for tapping into this process at so microscopic a level.
What's to be gained from cloning anyway? Somehow improving the human genum? If they really want to improve the human genum there is a way that we've had in our ability all along and it's a perfectly natural process...through interracial cross breeding.
Think of humanity as a pie...cut into 16 pieces...each piece represents a distinct race...anglo-european, latin eurpoean, aryan/scandinavian, celtic, asian, african, native american, to name a few and they begin to systematically cross breed.
The 2nd generation would be of 8 racial couplings of two, the 3rd generation...4 couplings of 4, the 4th generation would be two groups each of 8 different races mixed, then those two cross and the offspring would be literally a "complete" race...made up of the many races from around the world!



I can relate to what you suggest here, bro. Mankind definitely does need a shove in the right direction. Something that comes to my mind is the idea of just how many people the surface of the Earth can support. Well we've built skyscrapers and proven that populations don't need to be confined to the ground but can soar on steel and concrete, so why not tunnel underground as well? Take The Big Dig right here in Boston. If we can build this super highway to pass under the city and reclaim the land the present highway overpasses take up as parkland, why not build dwellings at levels BELOW ground for the growing population?
Yeah, so The Big Dig has a hefty price tag, but why should it? Instead of paying the workers in money for their labor on such projects, what if the government just covered their needs instead? Providing them with food, clothing, shelter, medicine, education for their children and even comforts and recreation?
That way they would be killing two birds with one stone. Employment for the unemployed and support for their families, and in turn getting a workforce to complete the construction.

--D.I. in Taunton, MA ________________________________________________________________________________
Speaking of what that last guy mentioned about reclaiming land, I've always thought cemeteries were a waste of land. Not that I don't think it's proper to enshrine our loved ones, but why don't we instead have sort of highrise mausoleums instead of taking up more and more land? These could be constructed around great fields of dead, worn out dirt in which we could lay out unembalmed corpses, after their wakes and funerals, in plots to decompose, tagged for I.D., and when there was nothing left but bones, box them and place them in crypts within the inner side of the walls with plaques on the outer walls where loved ones could visit as we visit the graves of today. The dirt in the fields, once it's sufficiently enriched into good soil, could be shipped out to farmers and they would in turn send back their worn out dead soil start the process all over again. What is the point of embalming anyway? Doesn't the bible say "From dust we came and thence we shall return"? We have no use for the flesh of our bodies after we're dead. We should return it to our mother earth in the natural eco-cycle. --J.D. in Colby, KS


What Dreams May Bring

In speaking hereof the advancement of society based on applying our knowledge and wisdom attained over the past two millennia, now at the dawn of this new one, while looking outward at the betterment of society as a whole is worth our while...let us take a moment to consider looking inward...at our individual psyches. Our dreams tell us who we are. And when we come to understand them, we come to know our own selves better. "Lucid" dreaming...being able to be consiously aware we are dreaming without waking...is the way to accomplish this. For more on this fascinating subject, click the link below.

Lucid Dreaming