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His Story

Monday November 14, 2005

He pitched his tent by the gradually darkening dusk sky. He intentionally pointed the entrance side northward, toward the city. That night he lay on his stomach looking out of it, head and shoulders raised on elbows and crossed forearms, into the darkness of the woods there in The Blue Hills, toward where he knew the bright lights of Boston twinkled on the night skyline. Beneath the canopy of those city lights buzzed a nightlife of which he dreamed. Far east of those backwoods of the larger, higher Berkshires, and the hum-drum, white trash life of that forgotten transient camp. Now he was poised to build himself up to a level at which he could experience and be a part of that night life there in that world class city a few miles to the north. Excitement and anticipation had his mind abuzz. For it was there, in that city, what WAS humanity. He was ready to go and join it.

The next morning he packed up the tent and bedroll and tucked them into a hiding place under the thickly needled branches of a recently fallen pine. He hiked out of the hills and
southward on Rte. 28, under the overpass of I-93 and into Randolph. The first bus stop at which the Brockton bus he had been instructed to take stopped was nearly two miles into town and he waited there, at North Randolph Square taking in the weekday morning hustle and bustle of these working class folk in their cars going about their business. Oh, to have a vehicle and be able to come and go as you pleased and not have to wait for public transportation to get around. That would have to be his first priority if this plan worked out as his upline claimed. Time would tell. he would take it one day at a time. For now, it was
off to work.


Monday December 12, 2005

As the weeks went by he fell into the swing of rising early and taking down his tent, leaving it in it's usual hiding place under the fallen pine. It left his humble nightly abode scented of sweet pine forest. But it's needles had gone brown and were beginning to fall off and it would soon no longer be a useful hiding place. Although it was rare the woods would be patrolled this far in off the trails, it could still happen and camping was not allowed in the conservation area he was squatting in. But as long as his upline allowed him to use his address as his own, he could live cheaply until he could build his own downline and start making the money promised.

As soon as he got paid the first time he had opened a bank account and the direct deposit had started within days after he had put in for it. The only time he met with his upline was to collect the little mail that had begun coming for him. Not much yet, as he did not yet have bills...his pay stubs and his first bank statement. He was perusing the statement as he waited for the bus to Brockton. The 30 hours he put in at the super market earned him about $225 per week. He would take out $20 per week to live on and his meals consisted of sandwiches, cereal and milk , and raw veggies purchased there at work, and the occasional fast food. Thursday nights, when he didn't work, he did his laundry at a laundromat in Randolph and put the warm, dried clean clothes in his back pack, caught the bus to the edge of town by The Blue Hills and hiked back into them to pitch his tent in it's usual spot in the woods. He had joined a $25 per month fitness center mainly so he could use their showers at least every other day. Those, and his $10 per month fee for the online opportunity being his only expenses, he was able to have enough money to hang out at the local watering hole with some of the friends he had made at work, playing pool and telling them all about the opportunity and now he had convinced four of the guys from work to look into it, as well as three people he met at the watering hole for a total of seven. Tonight was the night. He was taking them all to meet his upline.



They met in the cocktail lounge of the Randolph Holiday Inn at 7pm that night. After the introductions his upline opened and turned on a laptop. Using our friend's url for the opportunity, they watched the presentation that most of them had already viewed. He had already showed them his affiliate site but they wanted more information, and that's what they were here for tonight. This time he had his upline there to break it down and go over it's parts in more detail.as they went along. The monthly service they were offering was a bargain at just $10 per month. For $10 per month you got several megs of web space for building a site under a new domain extension. It came to be that .COM &. NET domains had run their course. There were so many sites under them it was just about impossible to create new ones. Along with that webspace you also get up to 10 mailboxes and access to a web page builder where you could upload your own .jpg , .gif files & html codes. Your pages and email addresses would be under the domain name of your choice with that new web extension.

The opportunity that came with being a customer of this service seemed too good to be true. For no additional money you could have an affilliate referral site just like the one they were viewing, complete with audio-graphic presentation during which they go over not only everything you get as a $10 per month paying customer, but the payout plan for their affiliate referral program as well. The company, basically, takes only half of the $10 monthly fees collected from their customers. They pay the rest out to the customers who refer other customers. That is...your affiliate site, like the one they were viewing was linked to your affiliate account and each month, you earn $1 per customer who signed up at your affiliate site down through 5 LEVELS.

The others were intrigued, but naturally somewhat skeptical. There were many questions. One of the guys from worked asked his upline..."If this is an online opportunity, why not just advertise it there? Why all this?" "I'm glad you asked" the upline said with a grin. "It brings me directly to my POINT of getting together like this. There's just too much traffic online. You see...Many people who try these money making programs try submitting them to online search engines and expect the prospects to start rolling in...but it just doesn't work that way. Sure, it sounds good at first...your "affiliate site" advertised online for millions to see...but online advertising traffic is HEAVY! When you submit your site to one of these search engines, your site might be at the top of the list at first, but the next day it's the 100th down, the day after that, the 9,000th...and so on. When you go to a search engine to look for something online...you see it at the top..."1 thru 20 of 15,872"...or "1 thru 20 of 104,271"...or even higher!. When you're using a search engine...how many 'pages' do you click through before you find what you're looking for? 2 or 3? maybe 5 at the most? No, when you submit your site to a search engine your chances of it being seen by even one person are one in a million at best."

"But what about news paper classifieds? " The upline was already shaking his head as the question was finished. "Won't touch it. Won't publish any online opportunity...none of 'em. There have just been too many scams. Although I don't know it for a fact...I suspect a higher authority, perhaps the state, started cracking down on local papers...regulating what they can run in their ads. You know ' The Metro'...that free paper they pass out on the T?" Everyone nodded or muttered his assent. "They used to have that 'classified marketplace' section. That Metro CM would take anything. They advertised pyramid letter schemes, envelope stuffing ripoffs, you name it. Just the kind of ripoffs that ruin it for legitimate opportunities. Well the next thing you knew that section was gone from The Metro."

"Well how do you know this isn't just another one of those ripoffs?" Asked one of the others.. "Well...", the upline mused..."there's no risk in trying it. You get something for the $10 you pay each month, and it costs no extra to make monthly commissions with that affiliate site. And you saw in the presentation on this affiliate site how those $1 commissions can build up over the 5 downline levels. And...quite frankly, this company would have been out of business long ago if they didn't follow through with their commission promise. Their commission plan is the only motivation for people to stay with them. Without it, they'd just think to themselves...Why am I paying $10 per month for this if I'm not getting out of it what they promised? MySpace is free."

"I've looked through those tabloid magazines while it's slow at work" he said. "National Enquirer, Weekly World News, and them. They take ads for online opportunities like this." "Yeah, they do" replied the upline, "But you're talking about $200 for one weekly run. Sure it'll be seen by millions across the country, but $200 is a good chunk of money to lose if you don't get responses. Now you're introducing RISK into the plan. And as I've pointed out about this opportunity...there isn't any." "And that brings me to my plan for making this work quickly..."

In order to get something like this going, the first step is to get the word out. As I've already pointed out...the likelihood of getting any leads through search engines is slim, local newspapers are out of the question, and nationwide tabloids are too expensive when you're just starting. The way to do it is this...just what we've started here tonight. Let's assume you all sign up tonight. You are all of the younger generation of adults...early twenties, right? How many friends do each of you know who are online?" Everyone's response indicated they all knew a lot. "Well, we start locally...people who can get together and meet face to face. If each of you convinced as many friends as you could to join, there would be get-togethers, just like this one, at which our primary purpose would be to go over our progress and building our downline...see what branches of the downline are having trouble recruiting others, and finding ways to help them out. In short...by working together closely and dealing with local friends we can work closely with as well, we can MAKE this build up quickly...rather than dealing with long distance strangers and anonymous, faceless emailers we'll probably never meet. And you've seen in the affiliate site presentation there's no limit to the number of people you AND all your downline can recruit."

Well, everything went well that night. The upline was honest and straightforward, his points, logical. All seven of them signed up and they did so on his affiliate site. So that was the start of his five level downline ...seven on the first one. Only time would tell how things would go now.


Monday December 19, 2005

The days passed and the coworkers in his downline were quite pumped about the plan. One had already recruited five members under him and another had three. All four had numerous others who were interested but wanted more info, particularly about the upline's "close communication" plan. Tonight was the next scheduled get-together and they would be bringing them. When he arrived and met up with the others, he was pleased to find that one of the other three he had recruited from the watering hole had already signed up eight others under her, and each of them...all eight...had come with her and each one had at least 2 others with her. Turned out they were all members of a sorority at Bridgewater State. "You see", the upline said to him, "College students, and even simply college aged people are the best way to make this plan work. Everyone they KNOW is online or at least familiar with the internet." He couldn't argue the point. All seven of his level one downliners were that age and so far, he thought..now let's see...7 on level one, one had already recruited 5, another 3, and yet another, 8. that's a total of 16 on level 2 so far, plus with the original on 7 on level 1 I would earn $1 for each month. That would be a total of $23 per month he would earn. Not only that, but between the 7 of them and the downliners of the eight the one of them already had in her downline, there were 29 more present who were also potential downliners. He was beginning to think this thing might just work.

Saturday December 31, 2005

New Years Eve! And what a way to start the new year! Over the past week and a half or so he had watched his downline spread like wildfire! Both his level two and level three had grown and stabilized, level 2 at 62, level 3 at 419, plus his level one 7 for a total of 488 and at the end of the company's monthly affiliate payout cycle on the 27th, another 187 had joined so far on his fourth level. So just yesterday he received a check in the mail for $675! As suggested by his upline, he and all his downline made sure to show all their friends the checks and/or deposit slips to their banks. His upline had urged all of them to put a portion aside for the IRS and Mass. DOR. This IS income after all and the company does keep detailed records of their payouts for their own tax purposes. "How much?", he asked. "I'd start with 25%, just to be on the safe side. When the big money starts coming in, and you can afford it, one of the first things you should do is go to a CPA to determine your exact tax rate on it." "Where can I find a CPA?" The upline shrugged casually. "The Yellow pages...or just go to H & R Block. They're all CPA's there."



That night he met up with everyone at O'Donnells in North Randolph Square. He and his seven level 1's boasted back and forth of the money they had already made and stood to make as their downlines grew. One of the guys from work had 8 in his 1st level, another had 14 in his, the 3rd one, 3 and the girl who had 8 before now had 10. The other 3 had a total of 27 between them. Those were their individual level 1's, totaling 62, together those 62 were HIS level 2. And between those 62 there was a total of 419 on their combined level 1's...his level 3. although there had only been 187 on his 4th level at the time of the end of the most recent pay cycle, the number was growing every day. They couldn't all meet in one place without renting a hall, so some in the lower levels of his downline had begun duplicating what his upline had started and were meeting in their own groups. Using AOL's Instant Messenger, most were all able to conference online as well. He wasn't, of course. With the initial check he got he'd needed to upgrade the bare essentials long before he could think of getting a computer. Just yesterday he had moved into a room at a boarding house in Braintree for $150 per month. At least now he didn't have to rough it in the woods at night any more. Next step was a phone line. He'd look into that after New Years. This was a good idea, the upline had...Everyone chipping in some of their initial profits for this catered New Year's Party. He was apprehensive at first over how all their invited guests would care for being pitched for an online opportunity at a festive occasion. But then, after all...New Years does emphasize new beginnings. And if the chunk of money he had just made was any indication of how much better their coming year would be...well, money talks. It was now just off to the party!

Over by the spiraling staircase at Lombardo's one of his level ones seemed to be having a tough sell to one of her party guests. He seemed to think that the whole thing seemed like a pyramid scheme. "I've looked into pyramid schemes myself", he explained to him. "The thing about them is ...no product or service is exchanged. You simply send money to the list of addresses at the end of the letter, and it's supposed to compound, and come back to you when your address reaches a certain point in the list. First of all, you're usually instructed to send CASH to these addresses and secondly...you're including YOUR ADDRESS in this letter you're sending out to all these people. Even if you did receive dollar bills, or whatever...what's to stop dishonest people you've mailed these out to from finding your house, waiting for the mailman to deliver, and then going up and robbing your mailbox of any plain handwritten envelopes without return addresses?"

"With this you're getting something for the $10 per month...this webspace we've all been describing...and it's only one company you're dealing with. You, your downline and upline are all THEIR customers. THEY are the ones who are paying commissions out to all of you, and your monthly fee for their service is being handled electronically through the banking system. That's the main reason they only take their monthly payments by way of prearranged monthly deductions from your bank account...they get their fees when they are due to be paid, and they can pay out all commissions when THEY are due to be paid. And when you set these monthly deductions through your bank, they are preset at that amount. Ten dollars per month...no more, no less. It's just up to you to make sure there's enough in there to cover it at the time of the due date."



Monday January 30, 2006

By continuing to be frugal with his pay, he had been able to obtain a computer through one of those "rent to own" places, and with his new phone line, he was now able to go online to his affiliate site and check his stats daily. There were his 7 on level one , 62 on level 2, 419 on level 3, those 419 had recruited an average of about 7 each for a total of 2,914 on level 4, and those had averaged 5 each for 14, 570. So the five levels in his downline totaled 17,972! He had just checked his mail and he held the monthly check in his hand. Could it really happen, he wondered...would he be getting THAT much each month? He opened the envelope and there the figure was...$17,972!!

Friday June 30, 2006

And so the months went by and he continued to earn the same amount each month. After putting 25% aside for income taxes he still came away with $13,479. Now, after just six months he had earned a total of $80,874. $80,874 in just six months! And as long as this affiliate referral program lasted it would be six figures per year. He sat and looked contentedly around his luxury condo. A far cry from that time just 7 months ago when he was camping out in The Blue Hills! He looked at his Rolex watch...just going on 6pm. Dinner reservations were for 7, the show was at 8. time to go pick up his date. He stood up and looked out at the expanse of the city below as he tossed down the last swallow of his brandy. He adjusted his tie as he walked to the door, and putting on the jacket of his tailored suit he took a last look around as he stepped out the door. Life can only get better from here on out, he thought.




Although it can't be said for sure that everyone who signs up for such a program will do as well as our friend and go from poverty to luxury living in a few short months, it IS mathematically possible with the payment plan the program has. Many of these affiliate referral programs are legitimate and do pay out as promised, but most people get frustrated and give up when they find how difficult it can be to get the word out. By recruiting friends locally...people who can get together and meet face to face, we can MAKE this build up quickly...rather than dealing with long distance strangers and anonymous, faceless emailers we'll probably never meet. If everyone convinced as many friends as they could to join, then everyone can meet and make sure their downlines are growing. This plan will work particularly well with younger people. Those between 20 and 30 years of age have a lot of friends online. No other media will work efficiently. Search engines just have too much advertising traffic with countless new listings being added every day. Your chance of even one person seeing your affiliate site that way is slim at best. News paper classifieds are out of the question. Local newspapers will not run any online opportunity in their classifieds. There have just been too many ripoffs in the past that have ruined it for all. And tabloid magazines are too expensive. You're talking about $200 for one weekly run. And even if you do recruit downliners through them...you'd be recruiting people from all over the country, not locals that can meet face to face. And what's to say this isn't just another ripoff? Many feel the company's payment plan looks like a pyramid scheme. There's no risk in trying it. You get something for the $10 you pay each month, and it costs no extra to make monthly commissions with that affiliate site. This company has been around and making their commission payout claim for several years. Their commission plan is the only motivation for people to stay with them. Without it, they'd just think to themselves...Why am I paying $10 per month for this if I'm not getting out of it what they promised? Facebook is free." And with pyramid schemes no product or service is exchanged. You simply send money to the list of addresses at the end of the letter, and it's supposed to compound, and come back to you when your address reaches a certain point in the list. With this opportunity you're only sending a $10 monthly fee to one party and it's paid electronically from your bank account or credit card and you ARE getting a monthly service for your money. So for a mere $10 per month this is certainly worth trying. The average person spends at least five times that in one night of clubbing. Not to mention what they spend each week on lottery and scratch tickets. Why throw money away on chance like that when this can be a sure thing if worked cooperatively? So go to the link below today and let's make the dream of cashing in on the internet a reality!