Opportunity Knocks


Looking to make BIG MONEY every month for little time and effort? Give this a look!

How many working class people nowadays live from paycheck to paycheck? Perhaps you're one of them. You pay your bills, feed and clothe yourself, even manage to have a bit of a social life.

But that's it. No savings. What if an expensive repair comes up for your car? Or worse, a scenario many of us have come to know all too well...it's a Friday afternoon, you're about to punch out and start your weekend, and the boss comes up to you and says..."Could I see you a minute before you leave?"...and the two of you go into his office, he shuts the door, and well, you know the rest.

When it comes to any job, no matter how secure it may seem, things change...the market changes...in short, nothing's etched in stone these days.

You NEED to have a savings account. You NEED to have money to fall back on. As a person who has been out of work often in the past, I can tell you first hand...with unemployment checks you have a choice...eat and get around, or pay as many of your bills as you can...you can't do both. True, if you have dependents you can get welfare benefits for food, but you also have more and higher bills. And if you're single, even the meager amount of your unemployment disqualifies you for those benefits. They don't look at your bills, just how much money you take in.


Online Opportunities...The ripoffs ruin it for the "legits"

You've probably heard of people making money on the web, and many do indeed. It's just a question of knowing HOW. There are a lot of money making opportunities out there that promise BIG MONEY...five figures or more EACH MONTH. Many are what they call "affiliate referral programs". That is, you become a paying customer yourself and they offer monthly commissions for every paying customer YOU get to sign up. Which ones are legitimate and which ones are scams? Watch out for the ones that ask for additional money from you for that commission privilege. That is, you pay your monthly bill for their service and for ANOTHER MONTHLY FEE you can earn those commissions for referring new customers to them.

Well, it seems to me that if their business was REALLY as lucrative as they claim, they wouldn't need to do that. They would be making an ample amount themselves whereas they wouldn't need to charge ANY EXTRA for their paying customers to make money with their plan.

Reaching the Prospective Prospects

Getting the word out. There in lies the problem.Many people who try these money making programs try submitting them to one of those online search engines and expect the prospects to just start rolling in...but it just doesn't work that way. Sure, it sounds good at first...your "affiliate site"advertised online for millions to see...but online traffic is HEAVY! When you submit your site to one of those search engines, your site may be at the top of the list at first, but the next day it's the 100th down, the day after that, the 9,000th...and so on. When you go to a search engine to look for some thing online...you see it at the top..."1 through 20 of 15,872"...or "1 through 20 of 140,217"...or even higher!

When you're searching for something like that, how many "pages" do you click through before you find what you're looking for? 2 or 3? Maybe 5 at the most? No, when you submit your site to a search engine your chances of it being seen by even one person are one in a million at best. The best way is by word of mouth...telling people you know about it, and these days most people know several others who are online. And a product or service with a good affiliate referral program can build up a lucrative monthly income VERY QUICKLY...the key to this is COMMUNICATION. And the closer the communication, the quicker it works. As far as the product, or in this case, service, if it is inexpensive and something everyone could use...people won't be hard to recruit.

Now to the Service at Hand

My name is Bill and I am an affiliate of Global Domains International, Inc.(GDI)

GDI is a website hosting company that offers web space under a new domain extension...".WS".

Experts predict that the demand for domain names will grow from 50 million to 500 million in the next ten years. That means more than $20 BILLION in sales.

Most good .COM and .NET domain names are long gone. but you can get in NOW...on the GROUND FLOOR of the new .WS domain name market.

This is a service with an "affiliate referral program", as I mentioned above. With an affiliate referral program the first step is to become a customer. For just $10 per month you get


*Several Megs of web space to build pages

*Hosting for those pages

*An easy to use template for building and editing your pages

*Access to a data base to which you can upload your own pictures

*Up to 10 email boxes


And best of all...your own domain name with the .WS extension.

When you build a web page through your ISP the address looks something like this...http://home.your_isp.com/~your_name/my_page.html.

But the address of your GDI website will look like this...http://www.yourname.ws

Much easier for friends and family to remember, huh?

The next step is, when signing up for the service as a customer, choose to become an affiliate as well. The $10 per month gets you everything listed above, and it cost NO EXTRA to be an affiliate...EVER! At no extra cost you will have an affiliate site like the one I will send you a link to on request with a complete audio-graphic presentation that goes over what you get for your $10 per month as well as how the income opportunity works. Anyone who signs up through your affiliate site will earn you a monthly commission of $1 which builds up through 5levels. All this is explained in the presentation.

I'm sure you're somewhat skeptical

You're probably asking yourself..."Well how do i know this isn't just another one of those ripoffs?" Well...what's the risk in trying it? You get something for the $10 you pay each month, and it costs no extra to make monthly commissions with your affiliate site. And you will see in the presentation I will send you how those $1 commissions can build up over the 5 downline levels. And...quite frankly, this company would have been out of business long ago if they didn't follow through with their commission promise. That commission plan is the only motivation for customers to stay with them. Without it, they'd just think to themselves..."Why am I paying $10 per month for this if I'm not making the money they promise? Facebook is free."

Their payment plan IS mathematically sound. The only thing that keeps any mathematical equation just a theory is THE RANDOM ELEMENT. Remove that random element and it will work. Whether or not it can be done depends on what that random element is.
For example...you may have heard of the "double your money each day" theory. That is...if you start with a penny and double your money each day, in one month you'd be a multi-millionaire? Well if you do that on paper, it IS mathematically sound. But what is the random element there? Where are you going to get the money to double it every day for a month? You would have to already have those millions set aside for the purpose. And if you do...what would be the point?!!
All the random element is in this case is only sending out invites to people all over the country, or the world...anonymous emailers who you'll never meet. You know how it is...you get tons of online opportunities in your mailbox every day. What do you tend to do? DELETE, DELETE, DELETE, DELETE, DELETE! Instead of dealing with those anonymous ones, deal only with friends you know. People who are LOCAL, as we are. People who can get together and monitor closely what each other is doing, each person in the downline dealing primarily with the ones directly below them, right down the line. On my site I've written a short story demonstrating how this close communication plan could work. Click on "Page 4" at the top of this page to check it out.
You also get an affiliate referral site like the one which I will send you a link to when you respond to this as instructed below...through which you can make monthly commissions through 5 levels on any customer who signs up through it. And this affilliate referral site costs NO EXTRA!

The company has a strict anti-spam policy so in order for me to send you the link to the presentation you must email me at the link on this page per the following instructions:  

So send me that email request or, if you like, give me a call after 7pm weeknights and keep in mind as you're watching that mathematics don't lie. As you'll see when they go over the 5 level commission plan, it IS mathematically possible to end up making four, five, even six figures per month with this. The key is a downline you can COMMUNICATE CLOSELY with.

To request a link to the presentation send an email to my email link on this page with the message "Tell me more about GDI" in the subject line and include your first and last name, and I assure you...it will NOT result in your getting constantly spammed. The most you'll get sent to you afterwards is a single thank you email. Also make note of my phone number below the email link. Call me if you wish to discuss this opportunity directly. I can be reached at there any weeknight after 7pm. 

Thank you for your time, Bill M.