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Of course you do...how many millions of me are there? Yeah, you've seen us all punching our timecards for the boss man five mornings a week, then again on those afternoons to retreat to the bar to talk of pro sports and reminisce about those conquests of our youth, or perhaps to go right home after a long work day and zone out on the couch in front of the tube, until the next morning when we have to do it all over again. We watch our sports on weekends, shout and roar when our heroes we never were get the upper hand, then show off our knowledge of their accomplishments and what makes them good or not. That's right, you all know me...I'm your typical blue collar Joe. In this "ME" generation of ours, this techno world of credit cards and cell phones, that doesn't appeal to many of you women out there, so many of you are brainwashed by the media to obsess about those material posessions that you forget the two main things you want from men...respect and consideration

The way I see it, there are just so many of us out there, that each one you meet on the dating scene seems just like the last. All those typical blue collar Joes. They all seem the same, so you just move on to the next and never return the calls of the previous. Well the way I see it is...you just can't know everything about a person in one evening. He who seems uninteresting at first just may be the man of your dreams. You just have to take the time to get to know him. Ah, but then there's the problem with OUR gender! Your average Joe often(but not always)assumes too much if you agree to see him again and he gets too pushy for the physical part. I won't deny that's ONE thing I want in a relationship...I'm a wolf too, a DIRE one at that...but the MOST IMPORTANT thing to me is to have someone to talk to, and trust, and care for, and enjoy life to the fullest with...there's no joy in going it alone...but I realize that if you take it one day at a time with a potential mate, forgetting about the different gender at first, just two people out doing things they enjoy together and getting to know one another, then if it works out there'll be plenty of time for the physical part down the road. Believe it or not, some of us DO understand that. And...some of us are interested in other pastimes than sports on TV. We can also enjoy the more cultural things in life. Some, like myself, can enjoy a play as well as a football game, an opera as well as fishing or hunting, an art exhibit as well as an all night poker party, and so on. Yes...we are that rare breed of man. He who can take in and appreciate the little things, he who is not ashamed to shed a tear at a sad movie, he who remembers your birthday and is likely to send you flowers for no other reason than being high on life. The SENSITIVE man. Yes, he DOES exist. And that's the way I see it.

And now comes the revolution. The day is at hand when we shake off the stereotypes of the past. Here and now, as we continue to progress through the new millennium there dawns a new age of understanding and appreciation of one another. This is the time of the sensitive man. We are out there...seeking you out, reaching out to you, waiting for you to take our hands and give us a chance. So take a chance ladies and join the revolution. Let the sensitive man provide you with the love and affection, and above all, the respect and consideration you crave so much as do we all.